Upgrade Complete

Thank You For Your Patience

The Core Processing System is the software we use to support our most common transactions on the front line as well as larger tasks in the back office. Some basic transactions we use our Core Processing System for include making and servicing loans as well as processing deposits and withdrawals.

CAMPUS began preparing for the Core Processing System upgrade in November 2016 and completed the upgrade on October 2, 2017. Our fundamental goal throughout the process was to limit the impact on our members. Thank you for your patience while our Service Centers and Online Services were unavailable. We are looking forward to operating more efficiently, improving our products and bringing more value to your CAMPUS membership! 



What to Expect After the Core Processing System Upgrade  

  • Account Numbers will not change
  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards and ATM cards will work the same. You will not be required to select a new PIN for any of your cards. 
  • Personal and Business Checks will process the same.
  • Your CAMPUS Online and Mobile Banking Login information will not need to be reset, and scheduled bill payments and transfers will stay on schedule after the upgrade.
  • You may continue to use your Loan Payment Coupons if you have them. 
  • Shared Services (Shared Branching) will remain the same.
  • CAMPUS USA Credit Union's Routing/Transit Number will not change.
  • When initiating a new Loan Payment or Direct Deposit, you will need to provide the ACH Account Number for the CAMPUS checking, savings or loan you are setting up.