Equifax Cybersecurity Incident



Equifax has reported that a cybersecurity breach may have compromised the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans.



CAMPUS is learning and gathering as much information as we can upon receiving notice of the incident from Equifax. The breach occurred between May and July, 2017. CAMPUS does report to Equifax and conducts business with them regularly when making loan and other account decisions. CAMPUS takes the security of members very seriously, so in addition to asking for identification when performing a transaction, you may also be asked a series of private questions related to you and your account to verify your identity, questions that may not be in your credit profile.


Equifax has set up a site to check to see if your personal information has potentially been impacted - they are also offering free credit monitoring.

CAMPUS will continue to do everything we can to protect our members' personal information. 



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