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Fee Schedule

New Account/Membership Fee (waived for age 16 or under) $15.00
Savings Account Fee

If cumulative average daily balance in your deposit account is less than $250
Checking Account Fee

If cumulative average daily balance in your checking and deposit accounts is less than $1,000
No Checking or Savings Account Fee if you are under age 25, OR age 55 or over OR have an active loan or credit card balance OR have the ALL eAccount.
Checking Account Paper Statement Fee

No Paper Statement Fee if account has eStatements OR if you are age 55 or over.
Money Market Account

If balance falls below $10,000
Balance Inquiry (excluding CAMPUS Call and Que)  $5.00
Information on checks cleared  $7.50 min/$15.00 hour
Reconciling Statement  $15.00 minimum
Researching Account  $20.00/hour
Stop Payment (including CAMPUS Call, PAY and QUE)  $35.00
Request for more than one Withdrawal Check  $7.50/check
Collection Items Deposited  $20.00 or $80.00
Returned Check/ACH (NSF) $35.00
CAMPUS “Courtesy Pay”

if NSF draft or ACH debit is paid by CAMPUS
Automatic Overdraft Transfer $8.00
Excessive Savings Withdrawal Fee

Over 3 withdrawals per month (lobby)
No fee if more than $5,000 average daily balance
Deposit check returned $15.00
Deposit check returned (maker/payee the same) $35.00
Bad Address Fee $15.00/month
Temporary Checks $3.00
Dormant Accounts – no activity for over one year with a balance of less than $1,000 $15.00/month Savings
$15.00/month Checking
Early Account Closing Fee (within one year of open date) $15.00
CAMPUS, Co-op & Publix Presto! Networks FREE
Other ATM Networks $2.00/withdrawal
$0.75 transfer/bal. inq.
Loan Payment Bad Check Fee $35.00
Loan Late Payment Fee $35.00 minimum
Replace lost/mutilated credit, debit or ATM card $15.00/card/account
Credit Card Late Payment Fee up to $25.00
Credit Card Payment Bad Check Fee up to $25.00
Name Change/New Credit Card $15.00/card
Credit Card International Transaction Fee 1% of foreign transaction amount
Stop Payment on CU issued check  $35.00
CAMPUS PAY (bill pay service – no fee with “ALL e-Account”) $2.95/month
Check Pay by Phone $10.00/check
CAMPUS PAY Check Copy Fee $20.00/check
Check Cashing Fee $5.00/check
Telephone transfers (excluding CAMPUS call) $5.00
Exchange checks $15.00/check
Cashiers check $8.00
Verification of deposit $15.00
Wire transfer – Domestic Outgoing – $35.00
Incoming – $15.00
Copies (microfilm, check, statement, notes, etc) $7.50
Tax Levies, Garnishments $75.00
Notary Fee $10.00
Escheat Administration Fee $50.00
 Effective 9/1/2013